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Are Combination Padlocks As Good As Those With Keys?

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Are Combination Padlocks As Good As Those With Keys?

The simple answer is no. The structure of a combination padlock is such that it cannot be as strong as a keyed padlock. A combination padlock can also be cracked over time, simply be trying each code in turn.

When you use a combination padlock, the insurance company will rarely insure you. However, when multiple users need to visit a place, they are extremely cost-effective. In addition, the advantage of not needing to carry the key is mismatched and sometimes necessary.

Most combination padlocks can be reset when opened, making them more convenient. The problem of malicious resetting of the code by an authorized user does occur. Therefore, the padlock manufacturer solves this problem by introducing a high-security padlock, which requires a key to reset the code.

However, it is still a problem to crack the code by systematically trying each number. A 3 dial padlock with 10 numbers on each dial can be cracked in about 40 minutes, while a 4 dial lock takes 4-5 hours. Therefore, we would never recommend the use of combination padlocks in remote or unsupervised places.

Please note that many password padlocks can also be cracked using various other technical methods, which is something to be aware of when considering your security options.

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