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How To Choose a Safety Padlock(1)

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How To Choose a Safety Padlock(1)

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When you want to choose the right safety padlock for your organization, business department, locking program, and program, there are several aspects to consider so that you can select, use, and implement them effectively and safely.

These locks themselves are part of the security program, however, if the wrong security padlock wholesale is selected, even the most comprehensive program can be destroyed.

When and where to use a safety padlock:

When the operator isolates the machine for maintenance, cleaning, inspection and/or business needs.

The authorized agency is implementing and managing a complex isolation measure for the contractor/staff to carry out the project.

The operator uses the lock and/or combination lock box, and locks the machine outside and the lock box to ensure safety.

When there are several locks in place, use the lock when closing.

Why should we use them?

Compliance with regulations.

Make sure no one can recharge the machine when you are injured.

Guarantee your own safety.

Manage every step of the process safely and effectively.

Lockout procedures have been implemented in many industries, sectors, and applications. However, we still see frequent accidents that lead to injuries and worse.

Things to consider when choosing a safety padlock:

Are the locks and keys stamped with standard key numbers?

Does the security vendor automatically record each lock number of the site/group? (This method protects the duplicate locks sent with separate invoices-guarantees a unique key number during the supply life cycle. Few companies do this)

Are the keys for these locks cut from the blank? (An important factor is like some locks on the market, which can cut off the machine and defeat the lock object)

It is also important that each lock can only receive 1 key instead of 2. Newly recognized standards

Common factors and matters that should be considered when choosing a safety lock:

Key system:

When finalizing the company's procedures and locking process, it became clear which key system would enhance the solution. The following will explain each system and how to use them to help achieve this.


keyyed alike is a way of copying all locks and keys. This is usually done by the company using authorized personnel to isolate the operator or contractor’s machine. They can also be used as suites, small and large control security programs. For example, one person can have 3 identical locks, but this will be different from another person's 3 locks. Ensuring personal safety is different.


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