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How To Choose a Safety Padlock(2)

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How To Choose a Safety Padlock(2)

The keying is different:

The keys are different to ensure that each lock is unique. Consider that not all locks are created the same. Some locks may have very few unique key possibilities, and they can be manufactured using standard key cuts instead of specific security blanks that cannot be copied/copied. The way they are sold may also be misleading. They may be a pack of 10 locks to ensure that each lock is unique, but the next pack may be the same as the first pack.

Ensure that suppliers who use unique keys that guarantee different numbers use spaces and record numbers to manage the supply of locks, even if different orders are at different times, they are always unique.

Master and differ:

Master and differ combine the above two keying systems. Allows each individual and operation, a unique key lock. With the master key, either the entire suite is locked or divided into multiple suites. For example, you can have 4 sets of locks, and use one master key to manage each lock set. The master key of Suite A can only open Suite A but cannot open Suite B, and Suite B cannot open Suite C and so on. This is usually used in emergency situations or due to a procedure that makes it a safe process in isolation.

Material selection:

Based on your industry, business, environment, and outlined safety requirements, you should consider the type of material you choose on the lock. For example, in ATEX high-risk areas, non-conductive locks composed of nylon main bodies and nylon shackles should be used to avoid the risk of sparks when dropped on the factory.


Plastic fuselages have several advantages, one of the main aspects is that they can be color-coded to divide different suites, departments and distributions. If you have more than one lock on your body, they are also lighter than most locks. They can be easily etched to further unique locks and manage/store them correctly. The red ABS safety padlock has quickly become the standard in most industries and has become the staple padlock of choice for most lock-marking programs.


Brass padlock wholesale have been the standard for locking signs since the beginning, and are still one of the most frequently used padlocks in China. They have been standardized in many industries; many power plants only use them. They can be color coded, engraved and uniquely keyed, the same as plastic nylon. They may be more expensive than others, however, they do provide some great benefits, such as no rust. This means that they can be used for a long time in harsh environments.

For most people, the original intention of buying a safety padlock is good. However, if the security factors listed above are not considered (they may not be obvious at the time), these locks may weaken and cancel the company's lockout procedures, resulting in potentially dangerous consequences.

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