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How To Maintain Your Door Locks

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How To Maintain Your Door Locks

There are many door locks in your home, and you need to maintain them. If you are like most, you lock your doors frequently, which can wear out your locks over time. Maintaining your door locks can help you keep you from needing to replace the door locks frequently.

Door locks are not always available. Even well-maintained lock will wear out over time. Here are some of the best tips that you can use to ensure that your door lock is used for a long time.

Make sure your door is hung properly

If you don’t know what a properly hung door looks like, you can ask a residential locksmith to inspect the door for you. You want to make sure that the door does not sag and is completely flush with the frame. If the door is not hung properly, it will put unnecessary pressure on the lock and cause problems.

Properly hung doors will not get stuck, nor will there be uneven gaps. You want an even gap about one-eighth of an inch or at least less than a quarter of an inch along the edges and top.

Lubricate your locks regularly

If you want to ensure that your door locks function properly, you should use lubricant once or twice a year. The dry lubricant is very easy to apply and will help ensure that the lock is kept in working order. Just use the key in and out a few times to lubricate the inside of the lock.

Clean your lock

You will also want to clean your door locks to keep them well maintained. Use a mild detergent or a damp cloth to clean the outside of the lock. If you use abrasives or chemical cleaners, it will damage the lock. Even petroleum-based cleaners can damage the surface of the lock.

Door lock

Door lock

Copy only the original key

If you copy an original key, this may be a very bad thing for your door lock. Always make your copies from the original key to ensure that you can get the best duplicate key for the door lock.

Check your deadbolt

You want to make sure that the door bolt can be easily secured without pushing or pulling the doorknob. If you have to move around the door to get the lock and the door bolt, it means that the lock or frame is not installed correctly. Make sure that the door bolt is fully extended when it is locked, as well.

Check the strike plate and screws

You need to make sure that at least one of the screws in the top hinge is long enough to secure the door to the wall frame. This helps prevent sagging and adds a bit of safety. Normally, you need to add three inches or longer screws to each hinge.

In addition, you have to check the strike plate to make sure it is safe. You also need to use long screws.

If you are a homeowner, maintaining door locks is very important. Locks that don’t work properly can cause problems and can make it easier for your home to be broken into.

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