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How To Use And Maintain Padlocks

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How To Use And Maintain Padlocks

Among all types of safety locks, durable safety padlocks are a common lock. There are many styles of safety padlocks. There are many novel styles and designs, which are beautiful and fashionable. Therefore, people have a special preference for safety padlocks, which not only guarantee safety protection, but also can play a decorative role, but many people may not know how to maintain their own safety padlocks. In fact, as long as the safety padlocks pay attention to the following aspects of maintenance during use, the safety padlocks can be used normally for a long time.

1. The lock transmission part of the lock body should be maintained with lubricating fluid frequently, so that the safety padlock maintains a stable transmission and prolongs the service life of the lock. Therefore, it is necessary to check the use of the lock regularly. Generally, a half-year inspection is required, especially if the tightening screws are loose. If they are loose, they should be tightened in time.

2. The dust-proof safety padlock has been used for a period of time. Even if there is no problem of convergence or unevenness, the core must be locked for maintenance regularly for half a year. Usually the pencil is broken or the graphite powder is inserted into the lock core slot. The key is to insert it several times, so the key can be inserted smoothly. However, oil should not be added to prevent the grease from sticking to the marble and making it difficult to unlock.

3. When installing a high-security padlock, you should carefully review the relevant manuals and install them in accordance with the requirements of the manuals, especially to identify the installation center distance, the scope of application and the opening method.

4. At ordinary times, keep the lock body clean, and be sure to prevent foreign bodies from entering the lock core cylinder pin groove, causing unsmooth startup or failure to open. If the key is not turned on, you can use kerosene, gasoline or rust lubricating oil to add the lock core, and then insert the key repeatedly to rotate.

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