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How to choose door handle

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Material introduction:

Zinc alloy, the most widely used material in handle industry.Zinc alloy is low melting point, easy die casting, can be made to complex shape, thin wall precision hardware, and casting surface smooth.Zinc alloy surface can be electroplating, painting, polishing, grinding, wire drawing and other processing, so zinc alloy handle can be with more shapes, new style, a variety of colors.

Aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy processing is generally divided into deformation aluminum alloy and die casting aluminum alloy. The handle industry uses deformation aluminum alloy more, to  processing into various forms conveniently.Aluminium alloy handle design is simpler, its advantage is various length and low price.

Brass copper, the melting point of copper is higher, not suitable for die casting, so the copper handle is mostly cast.Copper value is higher than aluminium/zinc.Brass handle suits for a few high-level furniture to use.

In order to meet the demand of different customers, there are also other material in market.

Notice to choose:

Size options: You firstly need to consider the sie of handle to meet the holes of doors and Windows, furniture and so on.

Style: handle style needs to match with the overall home decoration style.

Different use place: If on enter door, the handle need to be safety/fastnes so zinc material is better than aluminium/plastic.

Handle surface: check the handle surface color and protective film, whether there is damage and scratches.

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