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How to choose safe box

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Tips for picking out a good safe box:

1. Size selection

First, let's talk about the selection of size. I think two factors must be considered when choosing size. The first is the size of the storage item, especially the maximum size of the storage item's length, width and height.The second is to meet the location of the safe installation, we can choose the size according to our personal needs.

2. Anti-theft performance

Anti-theft performance is an important indicator to measure the safe, pay attention to check the structure of the bolt when the purchase, the better design of the bolt on the market is now a wing lock design, can provide double insurance for the safety device.In addition, we should also pay attention to the thickness of the key parts of the product, the choice of material.

3. Steel plate selection

Material is mainly steel plate, we can check the thickness of the steel plate/ material. 

4. locks

The lock of safe on market basically has mechanical type and electronic type.The mechanical type is traditional, but trouble to change password.Electronic type is convenient and flexible, easy to change the password.

5. weight

Generally speaking, the weight of the same type of safe will not differ too much. If it is too heavy, it may be filled with other substances. If it is too light, it means the thickness of the steel plate is not enough, or the material of the steel plate is poor.

6. After-sales service

Safe is special commodity, If once appears a problem,it must be repaired by professional personnel.This requires that good after-sales service is also necessary.

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