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Knowledge about hinges

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Hinge occupies an important position in furniture hardware accessories. Its main function is to connect two parts of furniture. And then move freely within a certain limit. Most of them are made of metal. In daily life, doors and windows use it most frequently.


The quality of hinge is directly related to the use of furniture and door. The hinge can be selected from the following points:

  1. Material and weight: If the hinge quality is poor, the cabinet door is easy to loose and droop after being used for a long time. Therefore, the thick surface coating can make it strong and durable, and have strong bearing capacity.

  2. FeelingConsumers can open and close the cabinet door to experience the hand feeling. The hinge with high quality is soft when being used.

  3. Details: The details can show whether the product is excellent, so as to confirm whether the quality is outstanding. The hardware used in high-quality wardrobe hardware is thick and smooth, and even achieves the effect of mute in design. Low quality hardware is generally made of cheap metal such as thin iron sheet, and the cabinet door is stretched raw and even has harsh sound.

  4. Besides visual inspection and hand feeling, the surface of hinge should be smooth, and the reset performance of hinge spring should be paid attention to. The quality of the reed also determines the opening angle of the door panel. The good quality reed can make the opening angle exceed 90 degrees.


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