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Lock Maintenance: Key Tips You Should Know

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Lock Maintenance: Key Tips You Should Know

If you are like most people, once you install locks, you tend to forget them. After all, you might think that they should just do their job to protect the safety of your home, right?

Although high-quality locks can indeed solve the least problems, this does not mean that the locks do not require some maintenance from time to time. Performing some basic maintenance—the kind you can do yourself—should greatly improve the quality and lifespan of your locks. Even better, maintenance does not take much time, so the small amount of effort it requires is definitely worth it.

Keep your door in good condition

First, if the lock is hung on the door in question, even the best lock will not really work. Therefore, you should always make sure that your door is installed correctly and that it is not detached from the hinges-or tracks, if applicable-without sagging or experiencing any other problems. These types of problems can put pressure on the lock and cause it to stop working altogether, or at least stop working properly.

If there are any problems with your door, they are affecting your lock, fix them immediately before the problem gets worse.

Lubricate regularly

In addition to ensuring that your door is working properly, you should also take time to lubricate the door lock regularly. Generally, water-based lubricants are the best choice. When you keep the lock lubricated, all pins and parts can move normally. In addition, it will prevent partial locks from getting stuck or being negatively affected by temperature changes.

Your locksmith can let you know how often you should lubricate your particular lock and where to apply the lubricant for best results.

Don't pull on your keys

Sometimes, maintenance is not about doing more, but about doing nothing. In this case, you should develop a habit of not pulling the key when it is in the lock.

Many people have the habit of pulling the key out of the lock forcibly. Others will pull the key to close the door while the key is still in the lock. Neither of these things should be done. When you pull a key hard, it will put a lot of pressure on your lock. Ultimately, this may cause the lock to fail. So, practice gently swinging to remove the key from the lock, never a pull.

Door lock

Door lock

The correct way to clean the lock

There is no doubt that you want your locks to look beautiful. There is nothing wrong with this. Just make sure that when you clean your locks, you do it right.

All your lock really needs is watering on a soft cloth to clean it. If you insist on using a certain soap, make sure it is a very mild detergent. Other products, especially those based on petroleum, may actually be too crude and eventually damage the lock over time.

Keep your keys

Finally, remember that a damaged key will also damage your lock. The jagged edges and worn parts cannot properly interact with your lock and can cause problems over time.

Therefore, protect your keys, use them gently, and replace them when they start to show signs of wear. A good suggestion is to always keep an original from which you can make copies as needed.

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