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Production for Cylinders

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Nowadays, thieves are getting more and more skilled, so safety is really very important for the family.

Cylinder is the most necessary part of the door lock, and it plays a decisive role in our life.

The materials of cylinders are often brass, aluminium and zamak. The finishing contains polished brass, nickel plated, chrome plated and Ti finishing.

The common size for cylinders is 60-110mm, and for some types, they have anti-drilling bar on each end to avoid picking, as well as anti-breaking bars to avoid fracture.

For our Tover type cylinder, it has urgence device. When your kids are in home alone, and the key is in the inside lock. In this case, you shall also open the door with keys outside. It’s safe and convenient.

When you’re choosing the cylinders in the market, pls kindly notice the following details.

First, check the material, and full brass is undoubtedly the best choice.

Second, insert the key and turn it in a circle, check whether it works fluently.

Third, check the surface whether it is smooth.

Finally, we’re professional in this field, and if you’re in need, pls contact with us without any hesitation.

we have a complete and comprehensive export team, but also have our own factory with sufficient production technical and capacity, hope to provide excellent quality and good service to global buyers.

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