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What Is a Mortise Lock?

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What Is a Mortise Lock?

You might be thinking: "What is a mortise lock?" Basically, a mortise lock is a lock used for commercial security settings.

However, you will find that the complex design and function of this lock make the mortise quite mysterious. We collected 5 interesting reading and information reasons, why the mortise lock is so mysterious, we debunk the mystery of this functional lock set.

Why mortise locks are so mysterious: our 5 reasons

The mortise lock is assembled from many strange-shaped mechanical parts, and is enclosed in a heavy-gauge steel case, punctured with round and square holes that appear to represent a secret code.

The "body" of the mortise lock is mysteriously hidden in a pocket, cut into the edge of the door. By the way, installing a mortise lock is usually not a DIY project. Nevertheless, if the installer is inexperienced, the subsequent installation of the exterior trim may be baffling.

Mortise locks can work in many mysterious ways. The functions of entrances, classrooms, classroom security, offices, passages, and storage rooms are the most common in schools and hospitals, however, there are countless other operations available for locking and unlocking doors. Although the configuration of latches and bolts (if any) provide some clues, in general, you cannot determine the function of a mortise lock, just by looking at the trim of the mortise lock.

Mortise locks may weaken the structure of the door-but mortise locks are mysteriously stronger than drilled cylindrical locks! Compared with cylindrical locks, they provide greater advantages and longer service life, and their versatility allow more architectural conformity to the existing security hardware.

Mortise locks on old buildings are usually operated with a skeleton key.

Mortise lock

Mortise lock

What could be more mysterious than a hidden lock opened by a skeleton key?

The reasons why people buy mortise locks are not at all mysterious! They choose them because:

Mortise locks provide reliable security.

They already have mortise locks in their building.

The mortise lock is specified by the architect.

The mortise lock can withstand frequent use and abuse.

Mortise locks are made by the best commercial lock manufacturers.

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