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What Is a Rim Lock?

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What Is a Rim Lock?

A rim lock is the oldest type of locking device for a door. Its basic design includes a surface mounted box containing a deadbolt type of lock and a latch. Rim locks are easy to install because they are fixed on the surface of the door instead of being mortice-set into the edge. The rim lock is the ideal choice for period property or it is you are looking for authentic vintage features for your home.

The history of the rim lock

Rim locks have been discovered as early as the Middle Ages. In later centuries, especially during the Renaissance period, these locks became design features and were carefully decorated. Today's locks are based on Victorian designs and feature black or brass rim lock cases.

Why choose a rim lock?

Most doors can be suitable for a rim lock, but you need to check whether your door frame/door frame can be fitted with a door frame lock. If your door is not thick enough to fit the internal locking mechanism, you definitely need a rim lock setting. But this is not to say that a thicker door cannot be fitted with a rim lock-it can also be a personal style choice. The rim lock adds great time details to a home.

Rim lock

Rim lock

Choose a rim lock:

Doors where it is not possible to fit a mortice latch/lock

Victorian and period property

Internal doors needing privacy

Decoration details

A rim lock is installed on the front of the door. Usually, a door is too thin to use a mortise lock, so use a rim lock instead. They are usually found in ancient buildings, such as small villas, and their doors may be smaller and thinner pine or oak.

Please note: For safety reasons, rim locks are not suitable for exterior doors-they can be easily removed by intruders. If you need to use a rim lock for an outer door, please contact your home insurance company and they will provide advice on additional security locks.

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