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What Types Of Door Locks Are There?

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Do you know which door lock you need before you buy? A detailed understanding of the types of door locks can be a great help when buying. If you need advice on this, read on for more information!


Mortise Deadlock

Mortise deadlocks are typically used on exterior doors in conjunction with a deadbolt and are equipped with a single bolt. They can also be operated with a key. For added security, a deadbolt is attached to the door at waist height, allowing you to lock the door from the inside and outside for added security.


Mortise Sashlocks

These special locks are usually found on wooden doors. They essentially combine a mortise lock with a door handle mechanism, so you can lock the door with a key when you leave, but also open and close it without a key. There are different levels of security for mortise locks. A 3-lever lock has a medium level of security, while a 5-lever lock has a higher level of security and is ideal for areas where greater vigilance is required, such as rear doors. Whichever security level you choose, make sure the lock complies with British Standard BS3621 and carries the British Standard Kitemark.

Mortise Lock

Euro Cylinders

Euro cylinders are suitable for PVC doors and some mortise locks on wood doors. They are available in a range of security and quality levels. Euro cylinders are among the easiest locks to replace. To replace the lock, you simply replace the cylinder. However, because there are different Euro cylinders, you need to know in advance what size, type, and security you want. Single-cylinder locks only allow access from one side of the door, while double Euro cylinders can be opened from both sides. Double turn bolt locks allow access on one side but operate with a turnabout on the other side of the door.


Ring Cylinder

A ring cylinder works by connecting an upturned key mechanism to a deadbolt. A brass cylinder inserted into a hole in the door connects the two. Wheel cylinders are always used in combination with a deadbolt. How do these door locks work? They allow the front door to be opened from the outside with a key. This turns the internal lock of the lock. New locks are often sold with rim cylinders, but if you need them, replacement locks are available.


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