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How To Break a Padlock

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How To Break a Padlock

Padlocks were first invented and used in ancient times in Rome and Greece. Use padlocks to protect a variety of items, such as lockers, lock boxes, doors, fences, and even certain types of suitcases. Padlocks come in two different styles. One style uses a rotation combination to unlock, while the other uses a key to unlock. If you forget your password or lose your key, you may have to break the padlock in order to remove it.

Step 1

Place a chisel on the padlock's body. Hammer the chisel repeatedly until the body of the lock is broken and the U-shaped part of the lock is released from the body.

Step 2

Use bolt cutters to disconnect the padlock. Open the cutter and place them around the U-shaped part of the lock. Close the cutters and apply pressure until they have cut through the U-shaped part of the lock.


Step 3

Install the metal stop wheel on the angle grinder. Turn on the grinder and place the grinder blade in the U-shaped part of the lock. Wear appropriate goggles to prevent metal particles from entering your eyes.

How do we open a broken lock

There are many causes of lock breakage, including bolt sticking, failure of the locking mechanism, and wear of the assembly wheel. A broken lock can be unlocked by using the method that best suits the lock type and interrupt type. A locksmith can usually remedy any broken lock, but amateurs can try it out on their own to save money and the hassle of hiring a professional. However, it is illegal to open a lock without the owner's consent.

Step 1

Spray the mechanical lubricant into the keyhole and padlock bolt. This process removes any debris that may prevent the key from entering and/or turning properly in the keyhole.

Step 2

Insert the tip of the flat-head screwdriver into the padlock bolt into the space of the padlock body. Insert the screwdriver completely and then hit it with a considerable force with the hammer. Continue this operation until the bolt is released from the padlock.

Step 3

Slide the flat head screwdriver into the numbered plastic side of the combination lock and press upward to loosen the cover plate. This should show where the lock is latched. Wedge the tip of the screwdriver into this position and pry it upward to open the latch.

Step 4

Strike the bolt part of the padlock with the hammer to meet the circular assembly part of the lock. Repeat this process until the bolt is finally released from the rest of the lock.

Step 5

Use bolt cutters to cut off the bolt portion of the padlock or combination lock. Use the bolt cutters of the size best suited for locking bolts. Operate the bolt cutters back and forth like scissors until they finally cut through the bolt.

If you put the key in the lock and cannot get into its protected area, you may have no choice but to break it. Fortunately, with the right tools and a little expertise, you can easily bypass almost any basic business-level lock. For example, only a hammer, screwdriver, or two open wrenches can be used to crack a standard padlock. There are more creative solutions available to deal with particularly strong locks, such as a lock for fixing a bicycle.

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