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  • How To Break a Padlock

    Padlocks were first invented and used in ancient times in Rome and Greece. Use padlocks to protect a variety of items, such as lockers, lock boxes, doors, fences, and even certain types of suitcases. Padlocks come in two different styles.   Read More>

  • What To Do If The Door Lock Can't Be Opened

    The door lock cannot be opened. If the door lock cannot be opened due to external force, it may be because the lock tongue inside is unhooked, or the shape of the lock tongue is distorted and the screw fixing the lock tongue falls off, which causes the door to jam.   Read More>

  • Requirements for the Use of Hydraulic Door Closers

    The basic components of hydraulic door closers include supporting guides, transmission gears, return springs, one-way valves, rack plungers, throttle valve cores and housings, end caps, sealing rings and connecting rods. The shell and the connecting rod play the role of fixing the door closer and co   Read More>

  • Online shopping will be a new trend globally

    With the development of the society and technology, more and more people would like to shopping online. Why online shopping will be a new trend globally? First, there are various kinds of goods for choosing, from small accessories to huge things, no matter what you need, you can find it online but t   Read More>

  • New products introduction - Door closers

    Door closer is a hydraulic device that installed above the door, the door can be automatically closed after opening the door by the function of the release of compression. The advantage of door closers is not only to close the door automatically, but also to protect the door (more smooth closure). A   Read More>

  • The light will come soon

    SARS virus broke out in 2003, it was spread throughout the whole world.In 2008, the financial crisis broke out, it influenced the global economy seriously, which caused many banks and financial institutions shut down in a sudden.However, compared with Covid-19, both of them are tiny. No one can imag   Read More>

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